13 Must-Have Shop Now, Pay Later Board Games in the UK

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Nostalgia is very underrated; it rejuvenates us, makes us remember the good times of old, and, in a world ever-increasingly dominated by technology, it’s very nice to unplug every once in a while. 

There are few better settings for family gatherings than in front of a fireplace, over a classic board game. At Zilch, we understand the importance of unplugging and unwinding, that’s why we offer shop now, pay later for all toys and games. 

Also, unlike video games, these games encourage you to socialise with other players, meaning you can step away from sending snaps, and stories, and walk a mile in our parents’ and grandparents’ shoes. 

The Game of Life

Like its electronic counterpart, Sims, The Game of Life is an RPG (role-playing game), allowing players to make decisions, like whether or not to go to college, rather than to start work immediately.

This game is as relatable as it is fun, and dare we say it could even make you contemplate your own real-life decisions.

Although this game is based on decisions, with Zilch’s buy now, pay later for toys, we’ll make sure there’s no decision on whether or not you should buy The Game of Life.

We can also help you win your own game of life, by offering you soft credit checks so you can start afresh and get that much closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of having.


You may have heard of the online game, “Among Us”, which has taken the internet by storm. As fun as the game is, particularly since you can play with strangers around the world, the idea behind this is hardly original.

The inspiration behind this game is none other than Cluedo, the classic fan favourite.

This game turns every player into a detective, and you must deduce who the murderer in the group is.

A murder in Boddy Mansion sets the tone of the game, with each player receiving a character. One player has anonymously named the murder, and the rest of the players must figure out who did the murder, what weapon they used, and where the murder actually took place.

At Zilch, we can slash your interest rates by offering you buy now, pay later for all games in the UK.


There are three things that are certain in life: life, death and monopoly having a place in your games cupboard.

Monopoly is surprisingly educational, teaching you or your children the value of owning assets, and how to generate cash flow.

Creating real-estate tycoons since 1935, picture yourself collecting rent in a bow-tie for a fascinating other-worldly experience.

A game of calculating risk, and, according to your friends and family when you beat them, luck, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to navigate through New York, or London, buying and selling properties on your way.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later for all toys and games, we’re your get out of jail free card.


Awesome fun for friends and family alike, Twister is a mix of physical ability and thinking outside the box😉

Simply spin the dial, and attempt to place your hand or leg on the colour given.

Be warned, the more players that take part, the harder the game gets, so include at your own risk.

With Zilch’s shop now, pay later for toys, we can help you make sure you don’t get you finances in a twist. Simply pay 25% upfront and the rest over 6 weeks.


The game that inspired several children to become doctors, this game is as fun and intense as it is frustrating.

You must attempt to withdraw a number of different shapes from a “patient”.

If you touch the sides, his nose will light up, then you will hear a loud buzz, and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll also hear yourself grunt in frustration.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later with toys, we can keep your finances as steady as your operating hand.


Having entertained families for generations, this game is as simple as uno, dos, tres.

You only need the Uno deck of cards, and you can start playing to your heart’s content.

With Zilch’s buy now, shop later with toys and games, Uno we’ve got your back.


Although countless video game versions have been produced, there’s not quite anything like the tangible, classic board game version.

A race to destroy your opponent’s fleet, Battleship requires memorization, strategy, and, above all else, skill.

But with Zilch’s buy now, pay later for toys, don’t feel worried about the sunk costs of this game.

Simply pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks


Everyone’s favourite method to show off their vocabulary and lateral thinking, Scrabble is a classic source of post-dinner entertainment.

If we’re being honest, nothing impresses the in-laws more than a Scrabble maestro.

Well, only financial security tops that; we can help you get there.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later for all games, you can stop your personal finances from being scrabbled.


We all know one Jenga whizz, someone who seemingly defies physics with their ability to balance several pieces on just one; how frustrating to play against.

Nonetheless, Jenga has been around for so long, even your grandparents will have fond memories of playing it as children, and so, they’ll want to get involved, too.

Although it’s super fun to unpack and play, it usually ends up being pretty messy.

With this in mind, we recommend a “loser cleans up” policy.

With Zilch’s shop now, pay later with toys and games, we can keep your finances standing tall and strong.


One of the best known, competitive brain teasers out there, Scattergories is an exciting mix of trivia, critical thinking, and handling pressure.

One of the funniest instances to come from Scattergories, is someone always talks a big game over dinner, only to buckle under the time pressure.

Be warned; this game brings out the competitive streak in everybody.

With Zilch’s buy now, shop later feature, we can help you unscatter, and even categorize your personal finances, allowing you to take control of your financial future, and to live your best life.


A legendary game for improving your communication skills, Pictionary is an eclectic mix of handling pressure well, drawing clearly, and thinking unconventionally.

Simplicity is key here, as the more dots to connect, both literally and metaphorically, the more time you waste, giving your opponent the advantage.

At Zilch, simplicity is also the name of our game. Offering buy now, pay later for all toys and games in the UK, we can help you paint your own picture of your ideal life.

Trivial Pursuit

With over 2,000 questions, Trivial Pursuit is your very own, take-home pub quiz.

Due to the roll of the dice, the only thing you can’t choose is the categories of questions.

These categories include Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science and Nature, and finally Sports & Leisure.

With so many different types of categories, you’re bound to find your forte.

But, the ambience, setting, and who you play with is all in the palm of your hand.

That’s what we hope to do for you at Zilch– give you control to steer your life in the direction that you choose. Unlike this game, you don’t need to answer any questions to take a step closer to living your best life, since Zilch offers soft credit checks, meaning you can be on your way to financial freedom.


A game of strategy, planning and logic, Catan puts you in charge of developing your own settlements at first, then, as the game progresses, you can use the natural resources you’ve acquired to start building cities for more points.

What’s more, you are able to trade your resources with other players, adding an element of negotiation to the game.

At Zilch, however, there are no negotiations. Simply let us know what you want, when you want it, and we’ll help you get it, with our buy now, pay later feature at any stores in the UK. 

No matter what games you choose off of this list, there’s totally Zilch judgement from us; we’ll just make sure you get what you want, when you want it. With our shop now, pay later feature for anything in the UK, you’re not limited to just games; you’re not limited to ANYTHING. Help us help you live your best life. Worry nada, pay Zilch. 

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