15 Must Try Buy Now, Pay Later Food Experiences in the UK

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Food does far more than keep us alive. It comforts us in times of stress, gives us an opportunity to socialise, and some people, often known as foodies, travel far and wide in pursuit of extraordinary dining experiences.

Now, generally speaking, the more unique and fine the dining experience, the pricier. But with Zilch’s buy now, pay later food, you can treat your tastebuds and make your palate pop, while we take care of the rest. 

Dining in a Dungeon

Set in Thornsbury Castle, the last remaining Tudor-era hotel in the UK, this dining experience is truly one of a kind. With a spooky twist, Henry VIII beheaded the owner in 1521 and honeymooned there with Anne Boleyn. Spoiler alert, this didn’t end well.

The dungeon dining experience attracts both foodies and history buffs. With Zilch’s buy now, pay later food experiences you won’t feel imprisoned by your finances. 

Grub Club’s Underground Supperclub

It’s considered frowned-upon to eat on the tube. The Grub Club’s Underground Supperclub implores you to do this. Enjoy Chef Alex Cooper’s delicious repertoire of French Cuisine on a 1960’s Victoria line Train.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later food, we also to get you to where you need to be financially. Next stop, financial freedom.

Dans Le Noir

An unseen dining experience both literally and metaphorically, Dans Le Noir? uses the concept of sensory deprivation. It employs blind servers, allowing you a fine dining experience in pitch black dark.

The idea is that when you lose one sense, your remaining senses are heightened, allowing your tastebuds to pick up flavours you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in the light.

This gives you a terrific taste adventure. But with Zilch’s shop now, pay later food experiences, we won’t keep you in the dark about your personal financing.

Betrayer’s Banquet

We’re all used to playing games over dinner, but few of us have experienced dinner being the game. This dinner experience is by invite only but you can fill out a form for a chance to take part in the banquet.

A 32-course dinner with 48 guests, you have good food at one end, terrible food at the other, with the goal being to move up the table by playing Prisoner’s Dilemma. If you win, you move up 10 spaces, if you lose you go down 10, and if you tie, you both go down 5.

While you may not be able to trust the person sat opposite you, you can always trust Zilch to have your back, offering you shop now, pay later food experiences wherever you wish, meaning you only have to pay 25% upfront and pay the rest over 6 weeks.

The Murder Express

Get taken back to the early 20th century, when travelling by train for pleasure was still in its infancy. 

Pedley Street Station opened in May 2018 and you’re invited to be one of the esteemed passengers to experience its luxury train ‘The Murdér Express’ as it makes its historic journey.

There will be opportunities to wet your whistle with drinks from the Seven Sins platform bar and once on-board, your taste buds will be tantalised with a new 4-course menu from MasterChef 2017 finalist Louisa Ellis. 

Since Zilch offers you buy now, pay later food, we can guarantee that the only interest you have is in what you’re eating.

The Kitty Café

Based in Nottingham, this cat café doubles as a rehousing facility for stray and injured cats, until they find a home.

With over 200 different types of tea, you may find yourself coming back home with more than just a full belly, but perhaps also with a furry friend.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later food, we’ll keep you feline good about your finances, meaning you only have to pay 25% upfront and the rest over 6 weeks.

Oh, this also applies to cat food, FYI.

Two Rivers Restaurant

Based in Hull, in the Endless Oceans Gallery at The Deep, you can marvel at the majesty of over 3,500 fish.

The cuisine is Mediterranean predominantly, with a slight hint of authentic Yorkshire cuisine.

Sadly, as it’s only open on Fridays, Saturdays and the occasional Thursday, you’ll need to fish for bookings.

With this in mind, it’s all the more important to book first, eat second, and pay later using Zilch’s unique buy now, pay later for food.

Treetop Restaurant, Northumberland

Any outdoorsy foodie’s dream, you find yourself dining high up in the trees, encircled by rope bridges and walkways.

There serve a variety of delicious cocktails, concocted by the Duchess of Northumberland herself, but due to the altitude, we’d recommend sticking to only a few.

Although you may be in the tress at this restaurant, Zilch can take your personal finances to the moon, offering you buy now, pay later food at all of your favourite restaurants.

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

This Great-Gatsby inspired restaurant in nestled in the heart of Soho.

Offering delicious Russian cuisine, you’ll walk a mile in the shoes of an oligarch, sampling luscious caviar, and Russian-style pancakes.

They have iconic “press for champagne” buttons, but if only they had a button for “buy now, pay later for food”, as we do on the Zilch app.

Ballie Ballerson, Shoreditch

Sometimes it’s good to get back in touch with your inner child, and there is no better place than Ballie Ballerson to do that.

This restaurant is a giant ballpit, serving pizza and nostalgia-inspired cocktails. Such cocktails include: Strawberry Laces Shots, You’re a Wizard Harry, and the Salt Bae, named after the internet-famous steak chef.

Whilst this restaurant helps you relive the past, Zilch helps you look to the future by offering shop now, pay later food experiences.

The Belmond British Pullman

Modelled after the famous Orient Express train, this restaurant allows you to live like a wealthy traveller from the 1800s.

Departing from London Victoria on certain dates, the whole experiences lasts about 4 hours, allowing you to enjoy the serene luxury on offer to the fullest extent.

This experience is made all the more attainable with Zilch’s buy now, pay later with food.


Founded by Susannah Mountfort and Kerry Adamson, this immersive dining experience is never the same twice.

Their most recent event was “set” in Singapore, consisting of 5 different courses with 5 different settings, ranging from the jungle to traditional Singaporean houses.

These multi-dimensional dining events change the setting with every course, creating a feast for the eyes, as well as a feast for the mouth.

Each experience is differently-themed, so it will certainly keep you on your toes.

But at Zilch, we can help you stay on your feet with buy now, pay later food experiences.

As these coveted events are as rare as they are popular, don’t wait until you can pay the full amount, but just pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks.

Chocolate Tree Afternoon Tea at Bafarat Cafe

This sophisticated Middle Eastern coffee house serves photo-friendly patiesseries with chic interiors to match.

But the highlight of the menu is their one-of-a-kind Chocolate Tree Afternoon Tea experience. Besides offering scones and jam, sandwiches, cakes and pastries, you’ll also get to have your own mini chocolate tree. It’s not edible but its branches are filled with handmade caramel, cherry and nougat chocolates.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later feature for food, it’s far too easy to grasp this completely unique dining experience, meaning you, too, will feel like Alice in Wonderland or Charlie in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Inamo, Soho/ St James

With locations in both Soho and St James, Inamo, apart from serving delicious Asian fusion cuisine, boasts a high-tech interactive ordering system. This futuristic menu has a “Chef’s Cam” option, allowing you to teleport inside and out of the kitchen. The menu also allows you to customize your experience, allowing you to select your virtual tablecloth, choose your ambience, and even play games as you await your food.

Some of their bestselling dishes include sushi, Asian tapas, and Korean pork cheeks, offering foam-frozen beer to complement your dish of choice.

When you use Zilch’s shop now, pay later for food experiences, your bill is about as ingrained in reality as the menus projected onto your table.

Food and Theatre Company, Bristol

Based in Bristol, this dining experience is so immersive that you are actually part of the play itself, with the actors often interacting with you, the diner.

Previous events have seen the likes of Alice in Wonderland, and Jack Rabbit’s Derby.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later for food, avoid any unwanted drama when paying for the bill, simply pay 25% up front, and pay it back over 6 weeks.

We’d be lying if we said we invented buy now, pay later, but to say we have perfected it is no exaggeration. Most places that also offer buy now, pay later only allow you to use this at select retailers. But with Zilch, you can use your Zilch card anywhere you please. So, what limitations are there? Zilch. 

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