Reimagining the
way you shop.

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Reimagining the way you shop.

Here’s a few benefits.

Green ethos. Virtual card.

Get your own as soon as you sign
up and start shopping immediately.

Spend less on checkout

Your virtual Zilch card links to your
current account and automatically
splits your purchase into 4 payments.

Equal payments over time

You never have to worry about debt
or long term commitments. Your
balance gets cleared in 6 weeks.

Simple payment notifications

We’re not the sort to take money out of
your account without letting you know.
We’ll always send you a little FYI.

Shop anywhere

Shop away, if they take
Mastercard, you can Zilch it.

Always zero with Zilch

We will never charge you any interest,
late fees, early fees, hidden fees, ever.

Credit boost

As a bonus, every payment you
make builds your credit profile.
We call it Credit+.

Shop worry free

You can expect all the security you’d
get with any other Mastercard. Also, if
you lose your phone you can lock your
card immediately.

Join our waitlist

Join our waitlist