Buyer Protection Policy


Peace of mind with your purchases

If something goes wrong with your purchase of items purchased using one of Zilch’s payment methods, the Zilch’s Buyer Protection Policy (“Policy”) can help you when initiating a dispute with a retailer. 

These disputes are in respect to items purchased where these items are:

Not Received 

Items not received – have you waited long enough for delivery of your item or purchase? 

Normally the delivery time would have been indicated to you by the retailer at the time of purchase. 

It can happen that deliveries can take longer than indicated and we would recommend that you check whether you may have missed a delivery notice either delivered to you by post or sent to you via text or email*.  

You can also contact the retailer where you made the purchase to help you locate the delivery of your purchase.

It is in your best interest to make it possible for the delivery to be made to you in order to be able to get a refund should the items not have been delivered. 

Normally if the delivery notice has been sent or delivered to you and you have not collected the item(s), you could be responsible for covering the cost of returning the item(s) to the retailer. 

You should also check what the cancellation terms may be before informing the retailer. 

Significantly not as described 

Any item that you have purchased would be considered as “significantly not as described” means that the item which has been received is significantly different compared to the photos or description used in the original listing. 

For example: 

  • the item is completely different to that represented by the retailer at the point of sale;
  • the condition of the item is significantly different to how it was described;
  • the item is unusable and was not disclosed as such (note: this applies to the item in its received state);
  • the item is not authentic and was not disclosed as such; or
  • the item is missing a major portion or quantity. 

If the item is:

  • was reasonably and prominently described at the retailer at the point of sale;
  • the description could have been reasonably misinterpreted by you or the retailer – for example, if the item is a different colour to the one advertised (light green but item is forest green);
  • the item did not meet your expectations; or
  • the item has minor scratches but was listed as “in used condition”  

it cannot be considered as to be “significantly not as described”. 

The retailer shall be responsible for investigating and resolving your dispute and where required, Zilch will assist with achieving a resolution. Where your dispute is found in your favour by the retailer and they notify us of this resolution, you shall not be expected to pay – or if you already paid, you should be able to get your money back. 

Zilch only provides funds to the retailer and has no involvement in the delivery of goods or services rendered. 

Zilch is not the deciding party should the dispute be unsuccessful. 

If you have received any cash back, rebate, credit or other promotional incentive from us or any third party for a purchase eligible for the Zilch Buyer Protection Policy, you may only recover the amount of your purchase or Zilch Transaction less the value of the cash back, rebate, credit or other promotional incentive.


You may be eligible for the Zilch Buyer Protection Policy if the following requirements are met:

  • you used Zilch as your payment method;
  • the item is not received or is significantly different to how it was described;
  • your item is for a tangible good that can be shipped;
  • if you supply sufficient evidence towards the retailer (for example: order confirmation, photos for faulty goods, refund or return receipt, the retailer’s return and refunds policy…) 


  • You may seek resolution as many times as required however, resolution must happen one claim at a time
  • If you do not comply with this policy
  • If your claim is made more than 60 days after your purchase
  • If you have not attempted to resolve your issue directly with the retailer in the first instance


You should contact Zilch through livechat, call or social media 

We will respond within 48 hours to either confirm or request additional information from you.

We will not be able to proceed with your query if you have not already supplied the following – order cancellation and/or, order confirmation and/or date refund processed by the retailer;

We will then assess your case to see if your query qualifies for a genuine chargeback;

We will expect you to respond to us within 3-5 working days after which we may assume that you shall no longer require our help and we may close the query. 

Should your query qualify for a chargeback process – this should take between 90-120 days for a resolution to be reached. (this is in line with the MasterCard Credit card scheme) 

If the retailer has issued a refund after your query has been submitted to us, we will notify you within 48 hours and your account will be adjusted accordingly.

Buyer Responsibilities 

You must respond to our enquiries within the timeframe specified by us. 

We may request, and you must provide a receipt or any further details or information we deem necessary for the eligible item. 

If you and the retailer agree to a refund amount that is less than the amount of the original transaction, and the retailer provides you the refund, we will consider your dispute/claim to be successfully resolved.

Before contacting or filing a dispute with us, you should contact the retailer to resolve your issue in accordance with the retailer’s return policy.

*Fraudulent emails / texts / SMS

Zilch does not take responsibility for email phishing scams being sent to your email address or mobile phone number via a text with the aim to steal your money, personal information or personal/work longon credentials. 

One of the more prominent phishing scams involves fake email messages and/or texts pretending to be from the Royal Mail, DPD or other delivery providers. The message may indicate that a courier has tried to deliver a parcel. It then asks you to reschedule the delivery by clicking a link to a fake website, and to settle an outstanding delivery fee. This is a smart scam, as the email uses various social engineering techniques to try and obtain your personal information.

It is very important to remain vigilant against potential scams. Some things to think about include:

  • Are you expecting a delivery? If not, then question why you would receive this email.
  • Would you expect the delivery company to know and contact you via your email address and/or text?

Advice and best practice

If you are expecting a parcel delivery be cautious. Contact the delivery company or the original retailer directly through their official website to check the status of the delivery. 

Do not click the links provided as part of the suspicious email or SMS text and do not give out your personal information or debit/credit card details if asked to do so following an email or text message prompt.

It’s also best practice to use a different password for each account you have, e.g. your email address, Facebook etc. If one account is compromised, they could all be.

Reporting and more information

More information about the most recent Royal Mail parcel delivery scam can be found on the Royal Mail website. For guidance on how to remain vigilant against DPD delivery scams, visit the DPD website.

If you receive an email to your email account that looks suspicious, please report it to or forward the email as an attachment to Support Team.

If you do receive a scam message, or if you are a victim of any type of cybercrime, it’s also important to report it to Action Fraud via their website so that it can be investigated.

For the latest information on cybercrimes and for guidance on how to protect yourself, visit the governments National Cyber Security Centre’s website. There are also other things that you can do to prevent cyber-attacks – check out the IT information pages on the BU website for more general guidance.

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