How to Stress Less About Money

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Most people think that the more money they have, the happier they will be.

According to research, this is not always the case, especially if you don’t have enough time to enjoy the money you worked hard for.

Whilst having more money brings about a feeling of security, it can also lead to anxiety when it comes to the nitty-gritty of managing finances.

When this anxiety gets out of hand, it can lead to behaviours that could hold you back from making the most of your money, like excessive frugality or excessive spending. 

Identifying these behaviours and taking the necessary steps to resolve them will give you more peace of mind and eventually help you achieve financial freedom.

Here are some of the common habits that cause financial anxiety and how you can avoid them:

Going overboard with spending

Do you indulge in retail therapy to relieve stress brought about by financial anxiety?

Then you’re heading towards a vicious cycle because overspending will only worsen the stress you experience when it comes to managing your money. 

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself but if you’re doing it all the time and spending more on non-essentials without having a budget, that’s a red flag.

What can you do? Always, always have a game plan when you’re going shopping.

Making random purchases is a recipe for financial disaster.

Planning for your purchases, setting a spending limit and keeping track of your spending habits will help you make wiser financial decisions that won’t put you in the red.

You can do all of these with Zilch, a virtual MasterCard that allows you to choose the way you pay.

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Plus, with Zilch, you’ll have a personalised available spend based on soft credit checks conducted upon sign up.

This is built to help you spend responsibly.

You can also check all your pending and completed payments within the Zilch app, allowing you to be more mindful of how you spend.


Whilst some people overspend, others hoard money because they feel that what they have will never be enough.

As a result, they spend most of their time working so they can make more money.

Other aspects of their life get taken for granted. Physically, they may suffer from lack of sleep and fatigue.

Socially, personal relationships may be affected. Overworking can also take a toll on your mental health.

If this sounds like you, stop and take a breather. Life is not all about hustling.

You deserve to relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Take care of yourself above anything else.

Eat a balanced diet, exercise, surround yourself with good company and treat yourself from time to time.

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Frugal tendencies

Are you an expert bargain hunter? Can you stretch £5 to prep a meal for your family?

Or maybe flaunt a fancy looking outfit that’s been thrifted? Awesome.

Having the ability to save money is a valuable skill. But taking it too far to the point of depriving yourself is not advisable.

If you find yourself scrimping even on essentials like personal care items, home repairs, groceries or medical prescriptions, you might be suffering from money anxiety.

So what’s the solution?

Save for rainy days and emergencies but also set a budget for both your basic needs and miscellaneous expenses.

Moderation is key. And Zilch can help you manage your cashflow because you can pay overtime.

You’ll know exactly when your payments are due and how much you’re spending for every instalment.

And if you want to earn as you spend, you can opt to pay everything in one go to get cashback in Zilch Rewards.

Family finances

Even if you personally make wise money decisions, things can get out of hand if you’re sharing expenses within your household.

It could be that one of you spends outside your household budget.

You could also be facing unforeseen expenses, especially if you have children.

These situations can lead to financial anxiety. That’s why it’s important to have discipline and foresight.

Online banking will allow you to check your balance every now and then and move your money without any issues.

Having Zilch will help you forecast future expenses and estimate how much you should save for emergencies.

You’ll get to see exactly how much you’re spending and saving within the ‘Purchases & Payments’ section in the Zilch app.

Time to say goodbye to money anxiety.

Now that you know which behavioural patterns to be aware of and which practices will help you achieve peace of mind, you’ll be able to enjoy financial freedom sooner than later.

So sit back, relax and spend responsibly. 

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