It feels like déjà vu (and not the good kind) as lockdown 2.0 looms over us. For the next four weeks – and hopefully not a day longer – most of us will be confined to our houses, except to wrestle over some toilet roll at the grocery store and take the kids to school.  Unfortunately, we all know by now that staying at home virtually 24/7 isn’t all we initially thought it would be – but on the plus side, we will all be better prepared – with Zilch’s help!

The undisputed must-have for lockdown is great loungewear. The fact is, when you’re spending all your time at home, comfort is king. But if the first lockdown taught us anything (besides how to make banana bread of course) is that you still want to look and feel good whilst staying comfy. Whether it’s for a zoom call or just for your own sanity, chic loungewear is a must-have – an oversized tee and years old joggers just won’t cut it when it’s all you find yourself wearing. With your Zilch card treating to yourself to some new loungewear threads are easier and more affordable than ever – with thousands of retailers to choose from, you can treat yourself to a cosy loungewear look (or two or three..).

2020 has seen loungewear not only become a household word, but almost every retailer stocking it, in a host of different varieties. Are you a matching co-ord girl, or more of a mix it all up person? An all in one cosy jumpsuit, or a crop top? Neutrals, tie-dyes or bright colour? With so many variations, it can be overwhelming to find your perfect lockdown look. Zilch has rounded up our picks – from splurge-worthy pieces to styles that won’t break the bank – get ready to Zilch your faves.