The Beauty of Budgeting

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The phrase “on a budget” usually gets associated with being stingy.

But there’s a thin line between being stingy and being economical. And the goal is to aim for the latter.

To make wise use of your money, time and energy while enjoying the priceless experiences that life has to offer.

You can make that happen by knowing how to budget wisely. Remember, a budget isn’t supposed to dictate what you can’t spend. It’s supposed to be your blueprint on where exactly to allocate your money.

Sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways in which budgeting can simplify your approach to spending.

It gives you an overview of your needs and wants.

Having a budget traditionally involved keeping receipts of all your purchases and monitoring your spending activities.

Or making a list of all your expenses for essentials like groceries, your commute, rent, utilities and other bills. Plus miscellaneous expenses like clothes, skincare, make-up or workout equipment.

Then you need to subtract your expenses from your earnings to check if you’re spending within your means.

It’s a lot of work if you do it manually. Thankfully, we now have the technology to automatically check all of these – thanks to online banking and banking apps.

But you know what’s better? Having a handy app like Zilch that allows you to split your payments into 4 over 6 weeks with 0% APR. 

You can buy what you need and want now and pay later. You’ll also always get a heads up on when your next payment will be and view all your transactions in one place. 

How fab is that?

It helps you forecast your weekly spend.

Once you’ve sorted out how much to allocate for your basic and miscellaneous expenses, the next step is to look at the bigger picture and based on your spending patterns, determine how much you spend week-on-week

Once you’re well aware of your weekly expenses, it will help you manage your cashflow. Manually done, it could be prone to human error.

But with Zilch, the hard work is done for you. Besides being able to see your purchases and pending payments, you also have a balance personalised to you, allowing you to spend more responsibly.

Impulse buying outside of your budget will be easier to avoid.

It gives you an insight on how much you should allot for emergencies.

So you’ve got the essentials and extra expenses covered. That means you’ll be able to figure out how much you can allocate for unforeseen expenses. 

It’s good to be optimistic, but when it comes to money matters, it’s best to be realistic. And the truth is, we don’t know what the future holds. We don’t know when emergencies will happen.

That’s why it’s good to have a little something on the side to back you up when the need arises.

A wise practice would be to save a certain percentage of your income per month – depending on what you can afford. Even if it’s just £20 a week. Something is better than nothing.

Just remember that your budget for extras should never exceed your budget for your essentials. Always prioritise your needs over your wants. 

It allows you to plan for meaningful events in your life.

Having a budget also gives you a clear idea not only of how much you can spend, but also of how much you can save. We all know that saving money is not an easy skill to learn. And as the cliché goes, practice makes perfect.

That’s what a budget helps you achieve. And of course, after a year or so of managing your own personal budget, you’ll be able to prepare for your bigger goals in life.

Whether it’s for your next holiday, purchasing your own property, or planning your wedding.

Being financially stable is a fulfilling feeling. Getting there starts with keeping a budget to manage your expenses.

That’s the beauty of budgeting. Done properly, the fruits of your hard work will always pay off. And you don’t have to do it alone when you have Zilch to help you oversee your expenses, manage your cashflow and encourage you to spend responsibly.

Doesn’t it make life a whole lot easier? So embrace every experience – from the challenges that you will learn from and make you stronger to the fun and priceless moments you’ll never forget. Enjoy life!

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