Top 10 Buy Now, Pay Later Products from eBay

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At Zilch, we’re all about affordability, so that’s why we must give props to eBay. With over 187 million buyers worldwide, eBay is the global favourite for reliable second-hand products, always at a reasonable price.

Of course, they offer customers the option to bid for items in an attempt to get a better deal, or, alternatively, to skip the hassle and “buy it now”. But, what if we told you that you could buy it now, but pay later?

Well, with Zilch’s buy now pay later at eBay, you can do just that. Simply pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks with 0% APR. 

Fitbit Charge 4

Ready to take that next step towards achieving your fitness goals? Well, don’t take on step further without this revolutionary fitness device. The Fitbit Charge 4, almost ironically, has a battery life of up to 7 days, so charging it, you won’t be.

This device is easily connectable to any mobile device, allowing you to take phone calls as soon as they come in. What’s more, with a built-in GPS, you can leave your mobile phone behind and unplug while you enjoy the beauty of nature during a hike or swim.

This smartwatch is as useful as it is understated, being completely waterproof and shockproof. This device will allow you to keep track of your sleep, steps and calories burnt.

Pay for your new Fitbit bit by bit, with Zilch’s buy now, pay later for all eBay products. We’ll keep track of your budget, while you keep track of your exercise goals.

Charcoal Grill BBQ Trolley Wheels

Any grill master/ savant will tell you that charcoal is the way to go, especially since it adds flavour to the meat. With this very mobile grill, you’ll be able to impress your friends either in your garden or at the park. 

With a durable metal framework, this grill is more than capable of handling the searing heat. With air dampeners on the lid and on the sides, you’ll be well on your way to cooking succulent steak. 

Coming with a bottle opener on the front, the manufacturers clearly know there’s no better start to the BBQ than with an ice-cold brew. 

With Zilch’s buy now pay later at eBay, we’ll make sure that you aren’t getting grilled by interest payments. Simply pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks. 

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Room of Requirement

LEGO is fascinating. Whether you’re 8 or 80, there’s a good to fair chance you’ll love LEGO. With LEGO conventions happening all over the world, it’s a global community with thousands of members. So, just imagine how popular LEGO Harry Potter is. 

Worlds collide with this awesome LEGO set. Coming with 193 pieces, you’ll have your hands full, but the gratification will be all the more when you finally complete it. 

Coming with fan favourites like Harry, Hermione, and Luna, you’ll want to play with them for hours after you’re done. For the Harry Potters fans out there, the Room of Requirement is a magic room whereby you get whatever you need.

Well, think of us at the company of requirement, helping you get whatever you need, whenever you need it. With Zilch’s buy now pay later at eBay, simply pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks. 

Toshiba 24WK3A63DB 24” Smart TV

We DARE you to say the name of this TV 3 times fast. But in all seriousness, this TV is a superb deal and can perform a range of awesome functions. 

For a meagre £99.99, this Smart TV will instantly connect you to all of your favourite apps, like Netflix, Prime Video, and many more. At 720p, this TV gives you a crisp resolution which you can instantly enjoy due to its easy setup. 

Coming with Alexa, you don’t even need to touch your remote, simply say the word, and Alexa will make it happen. 

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later for TVs, you can take this home for less than £25, and pay the rest over 6 weeks, with 0% APR, of course.

Assassins’ Creed Valhalla

Despite the somewhat disappointing movie adaptation, Assassin’s Creed is a timeless classic.

As entertaining as it is historically educational, find yourself battling through Ancient Jerusalem, to Ancient Greece, and, in its most recent instalment, raid the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms as a Viking.

Evade guards, as well as interest, with Zilch’s buy now, pay later for gaming. While you travel through time, we’ll ensure you get more of it, meaning you only need to pay 25% upfront and pay the rest over 6 weeks.

River Island Women’s Black Plunge Strappy Cut Out Swimsuit

What better way to start the summer off right than by investing in a snazzy new swimsuit?

River Island has been keeping customers happy for over 30 years, and this great addition to any wardrobe is indicative of that fact. 

At a mere £19, you’re bound to turn heads in this chic yet understated outfit. It also comes in sizes 6-18, so you’ll find the size that fits you without a doubt. 

Ever heard the phrase “carpe summer”? Well, with Zilch’s buy now pay later at eBay, you can do just that, just pay 25% upfront, and the rest over 6 weeks. 

TOGUARD 10” Mirror Dash Cam

Remember the days when you had to pay hundreds to get a rear-view camera? It doesn’t matter, really, since you can forget those days. 

Make parking as simple as 1,2,3 with this super affordable purchase. With built-in night vision, poor visibility is not a problem at all. Given its high definition 1080p screen, you’ll see everything behind you as if you’re using your own two eyes. 

It also comes with an ultra-wide field of vision, offering you more visibility of what’s behind you compared to traditional built-in rear-view cameras. 

What’s more, it also immediately starts recording after a sudden shock or collision, making your life that much easier with regard to insurance. 

We also make your life easier with our shop now, pay later feature at eBay, meaning you only need to pay 25% upfront and pay the rest over 6 weeks. 

Portable Air Cooler Unit Fan Humidifier

It’s no secret; the UK does not cope well with heat. So, rather than suffer in the heat, why not invest in an awesome fan, to keep you above the circumstances, and below overheating. 

Coming in 3 different settings, you can tailor the temperature to just how you like it. There’s also an ice bottle compartment that will allow you to pump out super cool air, or, if you choose to forego this, it’ll operate just like a normal fan. 

With a 5 hour timer, this nifty device will make sure you don’t waste any electricity. And of course, there’s a remote control, so you won’t need to work up a sweat to change the settings. 

So keep cool, and stay cooler. With Zilch’s buy now pay later at eBay, life will feel like a breeze. 

Elikliv Wireless E-Sports Glasses Headphones

What’s cooler than shades? We’ll tell you what. Shades that play music so only you can hear it. 

The open-ear technology is essentially the opposite of noise cancelling. This means you’ll be aware of your surroundings, and so you won’t get caught off guard. 

Of course, there’s almost no point to Bluetooth unless there’s built-in calling enabled.

As a plus, the battery life is enduring, to say the least, offering you 5-6 hours of usage before it dies. The polarized lenses will keep the sun out of your eyes easily, and these shades are easily compatible with any IOS or Android device. 

So, with Zilch’s buy now pay later for eBay, we’ll keep your feeling as cool as you look, so you can relax with the soothing tones of music playing in your ears. 

Men’s Lacoste Regular Fit Long Sleeve Polo in Black

With its iconic crocodile logo, Lacoste has been providing understated yet stylish apparel for decades. Although it started off as a tennis brand, it has moulded and developed into a globally renowned fashion brand. 

With this sleek-looking shirt, you’ll be able to dress to impress. These would go phenomenally well with black jeans or shoes and would be either a great summer or spring purchase to add to your wardrobe.

With Zilch’s buy now pay later feature at eBay, you can split Lacoste into 4 instalments, payable over 6 weeks. 

Unlike other traditional banks or credit cards, which rely on their customers’ late fees to make a profit, we earn our revenue from the merchants where you shop. So, in other words, we’re totally on your side. So, let us help you get your best life by joining the Zilch community. 

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