Top 12 Must-Have Shop Now Pay Later Apps

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By far one of the most significant developments over the last 15 years or so, both in our everyday lives and for the global economy, has been the astronomical rise of apps. 

From social media apps like Snapchat or Whatsapp to financial companies such as Robinhood which turns you into a stockbroker, the possibilities are limitless. 

But with countless apps on the market, the agony of choice is almost unbearable. That’s where we come in. Here, we’ve created a list of 12 apps that you can download today, using Zilch’s buy now, pay later with all apps. 


Nowadays in society, we don’t like to wait. This extends to reading books. Blinkist summarises dense chapters of non-fiction books into one or two sentences, basically condensing tomes of knowledge into less than a page.

There’s a well-known phrase amongst bookworms, “Somewhere out there is a book that will change your life, you just need to find it and read it.” Well, find that life-changing book much sooner with this hyper-useful cure to boredom. With Zilch’s shop now, pay later for apps, you won’t even blink at the price.


Of course, Uber being on this list is hardly a surprise to anyone. The hero of commuters and tourists, whilst being the mortal enemy of black cabs, Uber is everyone’s favourite example of the new “gig economy”.

Uber allows drivers to be their own boss, choosing when or where they work, whilst simultaneously offering competitive taxi fares.

What’s more, gone are the days of awkwardly calling a taxi service, hoping that they pick up so you can book a ride. With Uber, booking a car is easy-peasy- simply schedule a ride with a couple of taps, and await your chariot.

With Zilch’s shop now, pay later with apps, we can transport you to financial freedom, meaning you only need to pay 25% up front, and the rest over 6 weeks.


Your personal pocket accountant, Mint is a super helpful budgeting tool.

Simply link your bank account to Mint, and they’ll take it from there, offering useful advice about how you could make the most of your budget.

We also know about a great budgeting app. At Zilch, we can help you increase your budget, with buy now, pay later extending to all apps.


As much as we would like this to not be the case, 80% of your health and fitness is determined by your diet.

With myfitnesspal, you can effortlessly track your calorie intake, simply by scanning the barcodes on your food packaging. It’s never been easier to create your own, personal fitness database.

Although a little clunkier than Zilch, you can think of us as yourfinancepal, especially since we offer you buy now, pay later for food. So, the combination of Zilch and myfitnesspal will have you looking and feeling better than ever about yourself as well as your finances.


Considered by any as the cousin of Uber, Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry in the same way Uber disrupted the transport industry.

The definition of a win-win, Airbnb offers super flexible, affordable reservations to its guests, whilst offering quick, easy revenue to any homeowner.

With Zilch’s shop now, pay later, we can make Airbnb even more accessible, meaning you can travel first, and pay later.

Just Eat

Fancy a night in? Well, Just Eat is the best companion for that.

Offering delivery from tons of local restaurants, pick and choose from a limitless choice of different cuisines.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later with apps, you don’t need to pay for your food before you’ve even digested it. Simply pay 25% upfront and pay the rest over 6 weeks.


As it’s no surprise to anyone, Amazon definitely makes this list. Before, you needed to wait until you were sat behind a computer to order anything from Amazon. Well, no longer.

Apart from being able to order whatever you want from Amazon’s seemingly limitless inventory, you can also manage all of your Amazon Alexa products through the app.

Did you forget something at the grocery store? No bother. In certain locations, simply use Amazon grocery, and watch your carton of milk magically appear outside your door within 2 hours. The drones are pretty awesome, too.

While Amazon’s unique selling point is its speed of delivery, we take pride in Zilch for slowing things down.

With Zilch’s buy now, pay later for apps, you only need to pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks.


One of the UK’s favourite Asian-fusion restaurants, it may confuse you ow a brick and mortar restaurant made it onto this list.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Wagamama allows its app users to pay for their food through the app, offering a solid rewards program to complement it.

From a Zilch standpoint, this is a double-header. Offering shop now, pay later for food and apps, Zilch can curry these costs, meaning you only need to pay 25% upfront and the rest over 6 weeks.


One of the largest online fashion stores in the UK, ASOS is a household name for online shopping.

You can always rely on ASOS to offer trendy, yet affordable clothes. Its delivery is super speedy, too, with more orders coming in less than 3 days.

With Zilch’s shop now, pay later for apps, make sure you get the hottest release as soon as they hit the virtual shelves. In other words, you can take the SOS out of ASOS, leaving you with just A-grade financial stability.

Apple TV+

Although offering some masterpieces like The Morning Show, for free, Apple TV+ excels in its extensive library, with countless TV, movies and songs available for purchase.

We all know the feeling; craving to find that one movie but alas, Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu have left you frustrated. It’s on Apple TV+.

But don’t feel slighted by having to be- we’ve got your back by offering buy now, pay later for apps meaning you won’t need to pay the full amount. Just pay 25% upfront, and split the rest over 6 weeks.


Whilst we apologise for potentially getting your hopes up, regrettably, you can’t stream new releases directly to your devices. But, the whole experience of going to the cinema is one we have sorely missed over the past couple of years.

With the Cineworld app, you can book, as well as pay, for your bookings online. Be the first to know about exclusive deals for students, infants and much more by enabling notifications through the app.  With Zilch’sshop now pay later through apps, you can fully enjoy your movie-going experience without having to worry about paying.

What’s more, make sure you don’t feel salty by paying for the somewhat steep popcorn; we can handle that too, also offering shop now, pay later for food whenever you use your Zilch card.

AutoSleep Tracker

It’s a kind of a scary fact, but it’s a fact nonetheless. We spend roughly 30% of our lives fast asleep. That means if you live to 80 years old, you’re asleep for around 25 years.

With this in mind, it’s so important to make sure you get the most out of your rest with the Autosleep tracker app.

Costing only £4.99 as a one-off purchase, this app will help you put your body to rest, while we can put your mind to rest, offering shop now, pay later with apps.

Apps help you get more out of life, whereas we help you get more out of apps. Zilch is an app unlike any other, helping you remove the only thing standing between you and having these apps at your disposal; the price. 

With our buy now, pay later for apps, you only have to pay 25% upfront, and pay the rest over 6 weeks. But, the ball is in your court. If you’re having a good month, then you’re more than welcome to pay for it upfront. In fact, you’re encouraged. 
Every time you pay in full, you have more chances of receiving awesome rewards and increasing your Zilch balance. All in all, while these apps break down your everyday needs, we break down your financial ones. 

Buy now, pay later is not exclusive to Zilch, but almost all of our competitors offer only a few select stores. So, we hear you ask, “Is there any store where I can’t use my Zilch card?”. Practically nowhere, Zilch is accepted everywhere where MasterCard is. So what are our and, hopefully soon, your limitations? Zilch

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