Top 5 Ways To Start Saving During Your Weekly Trip To The Grocery Store

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As the phrase goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

This couldn’t be closer to the truth in terms of grocery stores. A weekly trip to the store can cost anywhere from £50-£1000.

With this in mind, the little things count all the more. After all, if you’re wasting money each week, that can add up to quite a substantial sum over time.

Also, the more you save at the grocery store, the more you can spend money on yourself and others. 

Bring your bag.

Every time you ask at the checkout counter for a bag, most grocery stores will charge you between 5-10p. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a lot, these expenses add up over time.

So, why not spare yourself the unnecessary hassle of paying more when you can bring your heavy-duty bag from home? Most stores will offer you very durable bags for a meagre £2.50.

Not only is this cheaper, but, as you’re reusing your bags, this is way better for the environment, too. 

Sign up for your grocery store’s reward scheme.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and most other major grocery stores have some form of rewards program.

Putting it simply, it goes like this: the more money you spend in-store, the more points you can get to save on future purchases.

We encourage you to do this, especially as you can sign up to be notified whenever the store has an exclusive offer or deal. At Zilch, we have something similar going on.

If you choose to pay all at once with your digital Zilch card, you’ll get 5% cashback for your Zilch Rewards until 31st of December 2021, which can be used to save you real money on future purchases.

5% is a better rate than you’ll find at most credit or debit card companies. 

Check the items at the back.

By far one of the hardest aspects of the weekly trip to the grocery store is trying to keep track of when items of food expire.

After all, expired food is worthless food. So, it’s always in our interest to get the latest possible expiry date so you have as much time as possible to prepare the food in the right way.

If you can keep it between us, most grocery stores put items at the back which go off later on in the month, so, if you’re looking for the largest amount of time before your food goes off, why not reach back slightly further than usual?

Keep an eye out for specials.

A little industrial secret about grocery stores; they have to hit a quota if they want their suppliers to continue to do business with them.

So, if a grocery store is having a bad month with a product, it just isn’t selling, then they will likely do some sort of promotion to ensure that these are sold.

If you keep an eye out, you’ll be able to spot these promotions; they’re usually indicated by a big yellow sign saying “special”.

Get Zilch!

When you sign up to join Zilch, you can either pay online or use your snazzy new digital Zilch card. This allows you to buy now, pay later at grocery stores like Iceland.

Allow us to explain: you can pay 25% upfront for any purchases from Walmart, and pay the rest over 6 weeks with 0% APR.

So, what’s the delay? Join Zilch now, and start saving hundreds in unnecessary fees at thousands of stores. Shop at thousands more with Zilch Anywhere for a representative 11.50% APR.

At Zilch, your financial freedom and wellbeing is our number one concern.

Unlike traditional banks and credit cards which rely on their customers’ late fees to make a profit, we earn our revenue from the merchants where you shop. In other words, we’re totally on your side.

So, worry nada, and pay Zilch.

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