Top 8 Must-Have Products from IKEA

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The hardest part about shopping at IKEA is sorting out the things you must have versus the things you want. But, hopefully, with some help from us, you can trim this list down. So, without further ado, check out these 8 awesome products from IKEA. 


This awesome purchase has the potential to transform any room into a prime entertaining space for guests. At a mere £115, this sofa resembles a Roman triclinium, allowing you to either relax and enjoy some television, whilst also allowing you sufficient support to entertain guests. As it’s from IKEA, we don’t need to tell you about how easy it will be to assemble. 


We can learn a thing or two from animals; in the winter, they hibernate. So, be sure you’re getting the best possible quality of sleep by getting yourself an awesome weighted blanket. These are medically proven to improve your sleep quality, meaning you’ll be able to be even patient with your difficult family members at family events this winter. Sounds like a win-win to us. 


Which room in the house is usually the darkest? Right! The kitchen. In that case, this lamp is a perfect purchase for anyone looking to lighten up a dark kitchen. Thanks to its contemporary style, this lamp is also bound to add a hint of modernity to any kitchen. At a mere £25, it’s practically a Christmas gift, too. 


If IKEA had a product, in particular, to blend their style with their practicality, it’s this one. The problem with most air purifiers is that they are usually ugly and never blend in with their surroundings. But, as usual, we can trust IKEA to solve this problem. Despite the purifier looking as sleek as it already does, it can either be placed on its stand or mounted on the wall. 


If we’re being honest, you can’t always trust the quality of the seafood you get from your typical supermarket. IKEA is not your typical supermarket. Here, you can get 4 premium salmon fillets for £7.95/ 0.5 KG, which is an absolute steal. So, don’t get your salmon from anywhere else! 


Perhaps one of the more timely items on this list, this high-quality Christmas ham gives you one less thing to worry about when assembling your Christmas meal. Available at the buffet at any IKEA, this delicious ham is priced at £10 per kilogram, which is very reasonable. 


This is the only item on this list that is as fun as it is tasty. With this miniature gingerbread house, you can keep the children entertained for hours, and then enjoy a cheeky treat afterwards! 


This awesome purchase is a great vegetarian or vegan option for any dinner guests you may be entertaining. Made of chickpeas, carrots, corn, peppers and kale, this is a healthy and tasty side dish or any wintry dinner! 

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