Just as we had psyched ourselves up to return to the office, it seems that for many of us, working from home will continue to be a reality for the foreseeable future. And whilst we were excited for actual face to face contact with our work friends, catching up on the gossip around the printer and no longer having to see ourselves on a Zoom call, there are plenty of perks to working from home – so long as you’re set up for it. Fortunately with your Zilch account, you’ll be able to get yourself #WFH ready, but split your payments in 4 – winning!

When lockdown plunged us into the new realm of home working at the start of the year, let’s admit – we were woefully unprepared. Whilst initially tapping away on our laptops from under the covers, and only putting on a shirt (trousers, what are trousers?) seemed like the ultimate work/life balance, we quickly realised that it wasn’t quite going to crack it long term. To get you through what could be an indefinite period of home working, we’ve compiled our ultimate list of working from home must-haves – get ready to start Zilching!

The Desk

If you are one of the ones lucky enough to have enough space to set aside for a dedicated working space, a desk is the starting point for your home office. We recommend Zilching a desk in a neutral shade, with storage for the inevitable WFH mess an added bonus!

The Office Chair

Who knew an office chair could be so expensive? But when you’re spending 8 or so hours a day in one, it makes sense to invest in comfortable seat with proper support – better for your back than the kitchen chair, and with Zilch, it’s more manageable on your bank balance too.

The Coffee Machine

Initially this might seem like quite an investment, but we all know that the poorly made cups of instant coffee just aren’t quite cutting it. Plus, if you work out what you’re saving on your daily Starbucks/Pret/artisanal coffee bar habit, you’ll probably land up saving money long term.  

The Noise Cancelling Headphones

The good news is, working from home finally makes it socially acceptable to wear headphones the whole day, without offending Karen in accounts. Whether you’re using them to listen to music or dial into a call noise cancelling headphones are a must have for efficient working without listening to your roommates / traffic / kids in the background.

The Laptop Tray

This is for those of us who don’t have a dedicated WFH area (and even those of us that do, but are feeling lazy.) Yes, we would like our boss to imagine us sitting in a professional home office with an ergonomically correct desk and chair, but the truth is most of our work is conducted from the couch or our bed. And as the days get colder and darker, you’ll really appreciate this laptop tray that makes duvet working even more enticing.

HAUNUA Laptop Tray, £39.99

The Jogger Co-Ord

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt this year, it’s that getting dressed when you’re working from home will make you feel 100 times better than staying in your PJs. That’s not to say being comfortable isn’t the number 1 priority – and this cozy co-ord just might be the lushest set we’ve seen. So why not treat yourself by buying now, and paying later?

The Essential Oil Diffuser

Okay this might be a bit of a bougie, not 100% necessary WFH purchase. But hear us out. The soothing mist in the essential oil scent of your choice will create an overall, much more pleasant working environment and will keep you calm when you inevitability realise that your home broadband has stopped working again.